In 2013, I was in a motor vehicle accident. At that period, I was living in Sydney and communing (1.10 hour) north to Erina, Central Coast. Less than a minute away from work I was exiting a roundabout when a preoccupied driver collided into my front left panel of my car. I sustained whiplash and for the first time in my life, I am suffering from headaches!

Now I have a personal interest in neck posture and headaches, I signed up to become a researcher at the  University of Newcastle.

  • The main forms of headaches are: migraine, tension-type-headache, and cervicogenic headaches
  • Their characteristics often overlap, making the diagnosis challenging
  • Correct diagnosis allows for appropriate management and treatment of head pain

Cervicogenic Headache

The World Health Organisation ranked headaches in the top 10 most disabling condition worldwide, and within the top 5 most disabling for women.1

A study published in Manual Therapy has shown that miss-diagnosis may occur in more than 50% of the cases!2

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