Exercise Checklists

If you have never exercised before, consider these 3 points:

1. Medical clearance by your doctor

WHY? Exercise is known to benefit your mind and body, however, there are certain health conditions that can make exercise a risk. e.g. heart condition, asthma, etc.

2. Structural assessment by a chiropractor

WHY? Imagine a car with one flat tire…yes, you can still drive it, however, the rim will get damaged, then the axle will get ruined, etc. The human body is similar to a car in this respect. An individual with uneven leg lengths, a rotation of the pelvis, e.t.c. may be a victim of injury whilst exercising e.g. hamstring strain.

3. Consider booking a few personal trainer session

WHY? Assist with motivation, exercise plans & MOST IMPORTANTLY insights into proper biomechanics & technique.

Pre-Workout Checklist

1. Eat nutritional food 2 hour before a workout

WHY? To provide energy for your body as fuel to maximise your workout.

2. Hydrate with 1 glass 30 mins prior a workout & sip throughout your workout

WHY? Your body will sweat rather significantly during a workout, so rehydrate your body with water.

3. Warm up before you start your workout

WHY? Dynamic stretching or jogging for 5-10 minutes will get your blood flowing to the required muscles & prevent strains/sprains.

Exercise Ideas

Sometimes all you need is a partner-in-exercise-crime!

Get Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation Workouts or join one of the Heart Foundation Walks.
These exercise options are free! You don’t need a gym membership to start strengthening & adding mobility to your back.

Or why don’t you get transformed into a soccer player with Coach Joe?!
He is specialised in individual or small focused groups of school-aged individuals.
Boost your skills now!

Find A Free Walking Group

There are walking groups in local communities across Australia.

Join ‘Get Moving Erina’ >

Join a group near to you >

Specialised Soccer Training With A European Soccer Player

His name is Joe and coaches soccer/football privately in Sydney and the Central Coast, Australia.

Rehab/Prehab Workouts

Rehabilitation for back pain is as crucial as physical treatment. Back rehab and prehab workouts are provided for your benefit.