Standing Desk Mats | Exclusive Sale $98 + Free Shipping




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Standing Desk Mats | Exclusive Sale $98 + Free Shipping

  • Standing Desk Mats encourage you to stand up at work, keeps your feet and body comfortable.
  • Mats are extremely soft whilst still being supportive.
  • Your legs will love the feel of these anti-fatigue stand-up desk mats
  • Size: 500mm X 1000mm X 20mm thick
  • Relieves up to 47% pressure on knees, feet and joints.
  • Enjoy the Comfort this Mat delivers in the Workplace.
  • Best Price: $98 + Free Shipping

What is the mat used for?

  • The Standing Desk Mats helps reduce discomfort caused by long-time standing.
  • It helps alleviate plantar fascistic, leg pain, back ache, sciatica, etc.

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly material is safe for kids and pets
  • Water repellent surface prevents the mat getting smelly
  • Non-skid backing keeps mat in place
  • The edges will never delaminate or curl up
  • Designed to be very low-maintenance and cleans up easily
  • Shipped flat to ensure a perfect mat with no wrinkles



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